About GPE

At GPE, we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to handle both large and small projects. We are committed to seeing each and every project through, in an effort to provide the equipment that will bring your company many years of reliable service. Take a few moments to review our information, and please feel free to contact us directly with any questions. Our staff is looking forward to hearing from you soon!

GPE has two locations:

  • Cary, Illinois serves as a complete Process Design, Engineering and Sales office.
  • Philipsburg, Pennsylvania serves as our primary manufacturing facility, as well as corporate headquarters.

To ensure the success of both GPE and our clients, we have:

  • Kept "key" Groen staff on board to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience, and to expand our relationship with past customers.
  • Created a separate GPE division within our corporate headquarters. The primary focus of this new division is to aid in the collaboration with GPE personnel and clients, to assure fast track scheduling and detailed communications.
  • Established mutual training sessions and round-table discussions to determine ways to help existing Groen customers continue doing business with GPE
  • Expanded Groen's proven product line to include a broader range of products, designs and options.
  • Added ASME certified field service crews and exclusive two-year product warranty.
  • Added a complete line of USDA/3A ball valves with extensive list of options and accessories.