Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to supplying the most durable products of the highest quality.

All employees of GPE are committed to doing the right thing, the right way, all of the time, in order to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our on-time delivery, performance from spec to documentation and timely commissioning and validation give our customers a competitive lead in getting their products to market quickly. We are dedicated to supplying the most durable products of the highest quality through our diligent teamwork to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. We continually improve our strategies and goals for better performance.

Our quality assurance program focuses on continual improvement, always improving processes and procedures to increase our quality, durability and ultimately giving you the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our philosophy focuses on using statistical methods where appropriate to control processes; and responsibility for product quality is placed upon the individuals performing the operations.

GPE is able to sustain a quality-minded workforce that can uncover possible weaknesses and defects and is empowered to resolve quality issues through continual training, education and self-improvement activities. Both internal and external customer requirements are foremost in the minds of our employees. Our customers are invited to visit and tour our facility at their convenience.

Our Certifications